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Competing in the Age of Digital Disruption

Delivered by Executive Education


To remain competitive and unlock growth opportunities, organisations must embrace digital transformation. 

Requiring large-scale, simultaneous change across a business, 70 percent of digital transformations fail if not implemented well. That’s why it’s critical to identify risk factors and understand how to design and implement strategic digital transformations. 

In this course, you’ll learn how to harness digital technology, artificial intelligence and data to unlock new opportunities. 

Learning from case studies of real companies, including Afterpay, Polaroid and Moderna, will give your own organisation a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Upcoming courses

No upcoming courses currently.

Who should attend

  • Experienced managers and leaders charged with leading digital transformation projects in their organisations. 

Entry requirements

There are no prerequisites needed for this course.   

What you'll learn

  • Assess and build organisational capabilities for digital transformation.  
  • Understand the role of digital technology in transforming products to platform business models.  
  • Use AI, digital technology and data insights to create value for different stakeholders and gain a competitive advantage. 
  • Find new ways of driving and creating markets, transform business models and build shareholder value. 
  • Understand what it takes to disrupt markets and industries or defend your organisation from digital disruption. 


There are no assessments for this short course.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Executive Education courses.

Certification and accreditation

Showcase your capabilities with a Digital Badge that verifies your skills and achievements.


Professor Ashish Sinha
Professor Ashish Sinha
Professor of Marketing, Business School


Applicant Price
Individual A$2,990
Groups of 4 or more (per person) A$2,691
UQ Alumni A$2,392
Early bird discount A$2,691
Applicant (HYBRID mode only) Price
Individual A$2,750
Groups of 4 or more (per person) A$2,475
UQ Alumni A$2,200
Early bird discount  A$2,475

GST is included in the cost

Discounts can't be used with other discounts, offers or special promotions.

Payment options

We accept credit cards (Visa/MasterCard) for payment, including corporate credit cards. If you do not have access to a card, please contact our team at to discuss your options. 


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