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Meet Jay from the USA, a UQ graduate of the Master of Leadership in Service Innovation

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Published 24 Nov, 2021  ·  3-minute read

Hi, my name is Jay Franze. I’m from the USA and I studied a Master of Leadership in Service Innovation* offshore from my home country at The University of Queensland.

How would you describe your experience of studying online?

My experience studying online was incredible. The platform was intuitive. The highly informative material and the interaction with fellow students and faculty made it a wonderful learning experience.

What is a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me consists of prepping for my day, attending meetings with my team and clients, holding coaching sessions, hosting a podcast, and marketing myself via social media. Although a schedule like this is demanding, I can still find time for family and continued education.

Do you have any tips for staying motivated while studying online?

When studying online, I would recommend staying organised, preparing accordingly, and developing relationships with your fellow students and the faculty. Leveraging these relationships will become vital to your success.

Student studying online

Is there anything that you have found particularly challenging about studying online?

The one thing that I found challenging studying online was not asking questions as I would have been able to in person. This is why the development of relationships with your peers and staff is so important. Although our professors would hold weekly Zoom calls and one-on-one calls when requested, we also put an informal weekly call together with fellow students.

How have you met people in your cohort or in the wider UQ community?

I met my fellow students from day one, as we all introduced ourselves on the discussion board. This allowed us to get to know each other and where we were located. An additional source was the related Facebook group. This was less formal and allowed us to learn even more about each other.

How has UQ supported you to study online from your home country?

The UQ team was more than supportive when it came to my location. They took the time to find out where my fellow students and I were located and scheduled our weekly calls accordingly. Additionally, they recorded the sessions in case you were unable to attend. They also made themselves available for one-on-one calls as requested.

What are you most looking forward to when you can come to UQ and Australia in person?

In anticipation of a trip to UQ and Australia, there are many things I am looking forward to; however, what I most look forward to is meeting the UQ team and touring the campus.

What program are you studying? Why did you choose this program?

I chose the Master of Leadership in Service Innovation (MLSI) because of the unique subject matter and its application to my career. I could not have been happier with my decision, as I apply what I have learned every day.

What are the best things about the program you studied at UQ? 

I have attended many programs, and this is by far my favourite solely because of the relationships with my fellow students and the UQ staff. My peers shared my passion for learning, and the staff made every effort to share their knowledge with us. They went up and beyond, making this a fantastic experience.

What career aspirations do you have? How has studying at UQ helped you work towards your future success?

My career goals focus on leading people and teams to exceed client expectations through service innovation while working my way into the C-suite. It is my continued educational pursuit and this program that has made this possible.

*This program has been redeveloped into the Master of Leadership and Innovation (16 units) from 2023.

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