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Hinano Maji Hero Image

Meet Hinano from Japan, studying a Bachelor of Arts in Australia

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Published 15 Oct, 2021  ·  3-minute read

Hi, my name is Hinano Maji. I’m from Japan and I'm studying for a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland. 

Why did you choose to study in Australia, and specifically at UQ? 

Born and raised in Japan, I have always had a great curiosity about the lives and cultures of people living outside of Japan. In Tokyo, I completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) during high school. My IB studies taught me the significance of critical thinking and cultural sensitivity. It also inspired me to study in a diverse and multicultural environment. I chose to study in Australia as many of their universities accept an IB Diploma as part of their entry requirements. UQ in particular appeals to me due to the reputation of their International Relations courses.

Hinano Maji

What are your thoughts on studying in Brisbane? 

I feel a sense of belonging in Brisbane, as I get to immerse myself in the local community outside of the university. Brisbane offers seasonal and cultural events across the city, and free events to keep active. I love the weekly farmers’ markets in various suburbs across the city. Brisbane has a bright, lively, and diverse atmosphere.

Brisbane Story Bridge and Skyline

What are the best things about your program at UQ? 

My program is a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in International Relations (IR) and Anthropology. I always wanted to major in International Relations and the Bachelor of Arts allowed me to choose a second major from a wide range of disciplines. I happened to take an introductory Anthropology course, which I didn’t even know what it was about, and later decided to major in it.

"UQ's Bachelor of Arts program allows you to explore many academic areas that might be interesting to you."

UQ Anthropology Museum

UQ is home to its very own Anthropology Museum.

Have you undertaken an internship, volunteer, exchange, or UQ Employability program?

Since January 2019, I have been working as a volunteer for Multicultural Australia, an organisation that supports newly arrived refugees’ settlements in Queensland. The work involves community worker training and a weekly visit to refugee families. I visit a Syrian family every week and help them learn English and computer programming and assist with anything they need. We have built a deep bond over the last two years. This work allows me to observe what the lives of refugees in their new country are like, the struggles and difficulties they face, and the importance of community-based support for building an inclusive society.

What career aspirations do you have? How has studying at UQ helped you work towards your future success? 

"My future dream is to contribute to the welfare of immigrants and refugees living in Japan as an expert for migration and a community advocate."

Studying at UQ and gaining hands-on experience, I’ve come to think that I need further studies in development and human rights to gain a further understanding of the needs of immigrants and refugees. I am considering entering graduate school after finishing my bachelor's degree at UQ to deepen my existing knowledge and skills.

Interested in an academic path similar to Hinano’s? Explore the Bachelor of Arts today.

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