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You're viewing this site as a domestic an international student

Inherent requirements for engineering programs


Our engineering program has inherent requirements you must meet to be able to graduate.

Inherent requirements are core activities, tasks or skills that are essential to a program or course. They apply to the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and associated dual programs*
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) / Master of Engineering*
  • Master of Bioengineering (Professional)*
  • Master of Chemical Engineering (Professional)*
  • Master of Civil Engineering (Professional)*
  • Master of Electrical Engineering (Professional)*
  • Master of Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (Professional)*
  • Master of Mechanical Engineering (Professional)*
  • Master of Mechatronic Engineering (Professional)*
  • Master of Software Engineering (Professional)*
  • Master of Urban Water Engineering (Professional)*
  • Master of Engineering Science and Master of Engineering Science (Management).  

* These programs are also accredited by Engineers Australia and must comply with accreditation standards and requirements.

What you need to do

If you plan to apply for one of these programs, carefully read through the inherent requirements.

If you think you may experience any problems meeting them, contact a Student Adviser to discuss your needs and whether any reasonable adjustments can be made.

Learn more about inherent requirements at UQ

The inherent requirements must be read in conjunction with other information, including the program requirements, Engineers Australia and Board of Professional Engineers Queensland publications such as:

Programs accredited by Engineers Australia require the continuous development and assessment of:

  • Technical skills
  • Professional skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills

For this reason, these programs include multiple compulsory opportunities for students to demonstrate their developing mastery of these skills. It is critical that students engage with these activities throughout their program so that they have sufficient opportunities to practice and meet these accreditation requirements.

Need more information?

If you're not sure what an inherent requirement means, contact the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology.

Adapted from Inherent Requirements © Western Sydney University, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 International licence.