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You're a domestic student if you are:

  • a citizen of Australia or New Zealand,
  • an Australian permanent resident, or
  • a holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa.

You're an international student if you are:

  • intending to study on a student visa,
  • not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand,
  • not an Australian permanent resident, or
  • a temporary resident (visa status) of Australia.
You're viewing this site as a domestic an international student

Entry interviews

As part of your application for the Doctor of Medicine, you may be invited to an entry interview.

We use multiple mini-interviews (MMIs) to assess your personal qualities and values.

The qualities we assess will include your:

  • kindness and compassion
  • integrity
  • adaptability
  • verbal communication skills.

The MMI process

The MMI format consists of several interview stations. You'll meet with a different assessor at each station. Each assessor will give you a score that will contribute to your overall admissions rank.

MMIs are held via video conferencing. To participate, you'll need a PC/Mac computer, or mobile device such as a tablet. Your device must have:

  • speakers
  • microphone
  • moveable webcam
  • stable internet connection.

View the Doctor of Medicine pre-interview briefing pack (PDF, 216.7 KB) for further information about the MMIs and requirements you must comply with. 

If we select you for an interview, we'll send you an email with additional information including your video conferencing link. You should receive this one to 2 weeks before the day of your interview. Check your emails regularly, including your junk mailbox.

Our staff will also conduct an online briefing session before the MMIs. This is not compulsory but we highly recommended you attend as you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions. This session won't be recorded.

 Watch: example of a virtual MMI

Watch SkypeMMI 7 on YouTube.

Reasonable adjustments

The UQ Medical School fosters a culture of inclusivity and equivalent opportunities to access education in medicine. Enabling effective inclusion requires a collaborative effort by applicants and the Medical School. We ask all applicants to take the time to read the Medical Deans Inclusive Medical Education Guidelines (PDF 1,115 KB).

Some minor reasonable adjustments may be considered for your MMI if you have a disability or medical condition. You must apply for reasonable adjustments in advance of the schedule interview, as reasonable adjustments will not accommodated on the day without prior approval. Contact the Faculty of Medicine for further information.

Invite to interview and booking

Booking issues

If you experience any issues with your booking, contact the Faculty of Medicine during the booking window for assistance ( We won't consider requests to accept late bookings for interviews unless there are exceptional circumstances.

If you missed the booking deadline and have exceptional circumstances, you must submit your request for special consideration at least 3 business days prior to the commencement of the interviews. Interview times are subject to availability.

To request a late booking you must demonstrate the exceptional circumstances that made it impossible to finalise your interview booking during the designated booking window. You will need to provide supporting documents.

We won't consider the following to be circumstances beyond your control:

  • lack of knowledge about the booking procedure
  • lack of knowledge of the associated timelines
  • not checking your junk mail folder.

These reasons will not meet the criteria for a late application to be considered.


If you need any further information about the Doctor of Medicine multiple mini-interviews, contact the Faculty of Medicine at

If you have questions about your applications, contact our admissions team.