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UQ ATAR guarantee

Guarantee your place at UQ in 2025

A letter from UQ Vice-Chancellor Debbie Terry
Uni life
Published 11 Jun, 2024  ·  3-minute read

Congratulations on nearing the finish line of your high school journey. And while it certainly is a finish line, it’s also a whole new beginning.

Completing high school means closing one chapter and stepping into a future that’s mysterious, a bit intimidating, but – most of all – exciting. Exciting because it’s so full of options, opportunities, and potential. Your potential.

I believe there’s no better place to realise that potential than here at The University of Queensland.

So, to offer some certainty in a time that’s full of unknowns, I’m pleased to share that UQ is offering guaranteed ATAR entry thresholds across most programs in 2025. This means you may be able to secure an early position in a UQ program based on your ATAR, without the anxious wait for an acceptance letter.

Secure your place at UQ

To secure your place at UQ for Semester 1, 2025, you just need to:

  1. Select a UQ program as your first QTAC preference.
  2. Meet or exceed the guaranteed ATAR threshold for your chosen program.

Some things worth noting:

  • This guarantee will be applicable for offers made up until the main offer round in January.
  • It will also apply to eligible programs you’ve listed as lower preferences.
  • Entry is always subject to you meeting English standards, prerequisites and any other entry requirements for your selected program.
  • The guaranteed ATAR threshold includes adjustment factors (additional points added to your selection rank). UQ offers a range of admission schemes that can increase your selection rank by up to 5 points, based on special circumstances and subject choices. Learn more about adjustment factors.

Guaranteed ATAR thresholds for 2025

Below is just a snapshot of some of UQ’s guaranteed ATAR thresholds for 2025. You can also view the full list, which includes guaranteed thresholds for dual degrees.

Program (Degree) QTAC Code 2025 Guaranteed Threshold
Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (Honours) 757101 90
Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) 731901 94
Bachelor of Agricultural Science 762019 73
Bachelor of Arts 707001 70
Bachelor of Biomedical Science 731201 80
Bachelor of Business Management 709001 74
Bachelor of Computer Science 733401 84
Bachelor of Design 711203 84
Bachelor of Economics 714001 84
Bachelor of Education (Primary) 742401 75
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) 717001 84
Bachelor of Environmental Science 738001 80
Bachelor of Health Sciences 729002 80
Bachelor of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences 720102 75
Bachelor of Laws (Honours) 718001 97.5
Bachelor of Mathematics 714401 92
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) 725002 82
Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) 757001 95
Bachelor of Science 731001 80
Bachelor of Social Science 747001 75
Bachelor of Veterinary Technology 787309 78
Bachelor of Wildlife Science 787209 75

View all guaranteed ATAR thresholds

What if I don’t meet the guaranteed ATAR threshold?

Please keep in mind that these guaranteed thresholds are not the minimum entry ranks, which will be determined in the January main offer round and tend to be lower.

So, if your ATAR is a little below the number listed here for your dream degree, I would still encourage you to include that program as a high preference. You may still meet the final minimum threshold, which will be determined in January.

In the meantime, you can learn about how to boost your ATAR with adjustment factors, or you can read about other paths to your desired degree, just in case the final entry threshold is still higher than your ATAR.

We’re here to support you

I know applying for university can be a daunting and complicated process. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our wonderful support staff if you need some guidance or even if you just want to chat about your options at UQ.

Contact us for help

We can’t wait to welcome you to the UQ community

While the world continues to change, some crucial things remain true.

Our teachers are still passionate experts in their field, ready to help you unlock your potential and prepare for any future. Our facilities are still second to none, ready to equip you with the practical skills and experience to thrive in any workplace. And our graduates are still the most employable in Queensland, ready to lead the state, the country and the world into a brighter future.

I wish you all the very best for the remainder of this year, and I look forward to welcoming you to UQ in 2025.

Best wishes,


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