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Meet Lianne from New Zealand, studying veterinary science in Australia

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Published 3 Dec, 2021  ·  3-minute read

Hi, my name is Lianne Mellin. I’m from New Zealand and I recently completed a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) at The University of Queensland. 

Lianne Mellin

Why did you choose to study in Australia, and specifically at UQ? 

I chose to study in Australia because it was an adventure for me! Prior to accepting my place at UQ, I had only been away from my family for a maximum of 10 days. Moving to Australia to study allowed me to become the independent person I am today. In addition to my studies, I had so many opportunities to grow as a person through being involved in many different organisations at UQ.

"I wanted to do an undergraduate veterinary science degree, and I chose UQ because their program is accredited all over the world. This means that the world is literally my oyster in terms of where I can live and work!"

What program did you study? Why did you choose this program? 

I completed the Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) program at UQ. There are a few reasons why I chose this degree. Aside from my passion for animals, I have a strong desire to educate and make a difference in the world. I’ve always been interested in science and realised in my final year of high school that I could combine my three passions of animals, education and science into one degree – veterinary science.

Gatton equine facilities and vet students

What are your thoughts on studying in Australia and Brisbane? 

Living in Australia was, for me, such a great experience. There were so many opportunities to grow within the degree and gain leadership skills that I am forever grateful for. The people were so inviting, and I can honestly say that I made some of my best friends living in Brisbane. The sunny weather in Queensland and all the adventures to other cities, the country and beaches made it such a fun place to live.

What were the best things about your program at UQ? 

"I loved the practical components of the veterinary science degree. As we were based in Gatton, we had all the animals living on campus."

This made it super easy to switch between lectures and practicals and we gained so much practical experience. The facilities at Gatton are amazing; I especially loved using the Student Clinical Skills Hub. The Hub is a purpose-built learning facility for veterinary students that allows us to develop our practical skills without needing to interact with the animals.

Lianne Milking Cows in UQ Hat

What is life like since you graduated from UQ? 

I’m currently working as a mixed practice veterinarian on Waiheke Island, off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve been working for just over 6 months now and absolutely loving it. As I live on the mainland in Auckland, I catch a ferry across to the island every day for work. It’s a beautiful commute over the Hauraki Gulf with some stunning sunrises and sunsets.

Lianne with Sheep in NZ


"I work with all sorts of animals – from cats to dogs; rats to rabbits; horses to alpacas! No two days are the same."

I have the opportunity to do all sorts of things including vaccinations, medicine cases, and surgical cases. In my role, I’m able to make a difference for an animal and, in turn, make a difference to the family that belongs to the animal. I’m also able to educate and give understanding and meaning to that family at the same time.

Do you have a passion for animals and science like Lianne? Explore the Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) today.

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