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Take your Singaporean polytechnic diploma further

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Published 7 Oct, 2020  ·  3-minute read

Wenting Su used her polytechnic diploma to unlock new possibilities and create an inspiring future.

After completing her Diploma of Environmental and Water Technology at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore, Wenting wanted to explore the world and study overseas at an internationally recognised university.

“I chose to study at The University of Queensland (UQ) because it’s ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the world,” she said.

“UQ also recognised my diploma studies and gave me ‘credit’ towards my Bachelor of Science degree, which saved me a lot of time and money.

“I was able to complete my Bachelor of Science and Honours in less than two years, when normally it would have taken me four. 

“Now I am working on finishing my Master of Environmental Management.”

Check your credit eligibility

Considering studying science at UQ? If you’ve completed your polytechnic diploma in Singapore you may be eligible to receive credit. To find out, please contact the Faculty of Science:

Exploring unique ecosystems

Captivated by our planet’s natural environments, Wenting chose to study in Australia because of its rich biodiversity.

“I’m constantly amazed at the diverse range of ecosystems you can find in Australia,” she said.

“The best part about the Bachelor of Science and Master of Environmental Management programs is the different fieldwork opportunities, industry placements and research opportunities offered.

“I’ve really enjoyed going out to beaches, mountains and rainforests to experience different habitats and ecosystems first-hand, and conducting different fieldwork experiments.”

Watch Studied at a Singaporean polytechnic? Advance your Science career at UQ. on YouTube.

A whole new world

Wenting says that moving from Singapore to Brisbane was a big transition because the two cities are so vastly different.

“In Singapore life is so fast-paced, where as in Brisbane I’ve been able to slow down, reflect and really enjoy living in the moment,” she said.

“It’s actually very Zen. I love taking the ferry down the Brisbane River and taking in the city views.”

The decision to move abroad and continue her education in Australia also gave Wenting the opportunity to follow her curiosity and see the world a little differently.

“While I’ve been at UQ I’ve learned so much more about myself and explored my interests beyond the world of science,” she said.

“I’ve met lots of new people from all around the world and I have formed strong bonds with not just my friends and fellow students, but also with my lecturers and supervisors that I’ve had throughout my time at UQ.”

Wenting encourages anyone thinking about studying abroad to get out there and enjoy the journey.

“It’s OK to feel small in a really big world. If you don’t know exactly what you want to do, that’s a journey UQ can help take you on,” she said.

“Studying at UQ gives you the flexibility to follow your curiosity, explore different interests and open your eyes to a world of opportunities. You’ll learn more about who you are and what’s most important to you, and when you do that it is a really wonderful feeling.”

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