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Equity scholarships

Equity scholarships at UQ: how to apply

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Published 9 Aug, 2023  ·  3-minute read

Learn how to apply for equity scholarships at The University of Queensland. Discover how UQ Link can help you overcome financial barriers to pursue your dream degree.

At UQ, we think everyone should have fair and equal opportunity to pursue higher learning. But, sadly, not all students in Australia enjoy the same level of access to education.

If you’re a Year 12 student or non-school leaver (and haven't undertaken prior study at a bachelor level or higher) who has experienced financial hardship resulting in educational disadvantage, consider applying for an access and equity scholarship. These help ensure all our students can study without unnecessary stress and fully embrace all the opportunities university brings – regardless of financial circumstances.

Equity scholarships: UQ Link

The main equity scholarships available at UQ come in the form of our UQ Link Scholarship. These are available to new domestic undergraduates in all study areas. This scholarship can help with the costs of starting your studies, so you can hit the ground running.

Recipients of the UQ Link equity scholarship receive $3,000 per year for up to 3 years. This begins with an upfront payment of $500 in your first semester to help cover initial costs. The remainder is paid in instalments over the following semesters.

Money isn’t the only way this scholarship can help you, either. Awardees also receive 5 entry rank adjustments for their UQ preferences. So, if financial hardship reduced your capacity to study and perform at your best in your final exams, UQ Link might just push your ranking into the right territory for your preferred program.

Equity scholarship recipient Connor

Connor Brackin received a UQ Link Scholarship alongside a Law School LEAD Scholarship. This gave him the support to study without worrying about living costs. Read his story.

Are you eligible for UQ Link?

The criteria for receiving this UQ equity scholarship include:

  • You must be a domestic student.
  • You need to enrol in your program the same year as your scholarship is rewarded or within 2 years if you have an approved deferral.
  • You must not have studied prior at a tertiary level (bachelor’s degree or higher).
  • You must demonstrate significant financial disadvantage (more on this below).
Equity scholarship recipient Appolonia

Appolonia Smith-Laffin received a UQ Link Scholarship alongside being part of the UQ Young Achievers Program. This gave her the support to be the first in her family to attend university. Read her story.

How to apply for equity scholarships at UQ

Applying for the UQ Link equity scholarship is easy. When completing your QTAC application, select UQ as a preference, then complete the Financial Hardship category within the Educational Access Scheme section.

As long as you supply all the necessary documents and info to demonstrate financial hardship, you’ll automatically get approved for UQ Link if you’re eligible. This means the 5 entry rank adjustments will immediately apply to your UQ preferences. And the scholarship amount will become available to you if you proceed to enrol with us.

Approved applicants receive a notification when they’ve been deemed eligible for UQ Link, so you won’t be left guessing.

Other access and equity scholarships at UQ

Some UQ schools offer equity scholarships for specific study areas. Plus, UQ Link can be stacked on top of other scholarships. For example, you can receive an academic scholarship, a rural scholarship, a sporting scholarship or an Indigenous scholarship and still be eligible for UQ Link as well. So, it’s worth exploring all the options available to you.

A great example of UQ subject-specific access and equity scholarships is our Law School LEAD Scholarship. This awards $8,000 per year (up to 5 years) to law students who have experienced financial, social and/or educational disadvantage.

To be eligible for the UQ Law LEAD scholarship, you need to have completed senior schooling in Australia within 2 years of application or be completing senior schooling in Australia in the year of application. Other eligibility requirements apply.

Law LEAD recipients Sam and Lucas

Discover how this scholarship has changed the lives of Sam Skinner (above left), Lucas Steger (above right), Michelle O’Grady (feature photo) and Michaela Gyasi-Agyei, 4 recipients in the graduating class of 2022.

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