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Plan for uni

How to plan for university: 5 quick tips for success at UQ

Uni life
Published 14 May, 2021  ·  3-minute read

You’re ready to leave school behind and aim high at uni. But first, you’ve got a small hurdle to get over: how to get ready for university.

Good news, friend. We’re here to help you prepare. These 5 quick tips will help you feel comfortable on campus in no time at all.

Discover how to plan for university and life beyond high school below. Our tips are tailored to soon-to-be UQ students, but they can generally be applied to other universities too (though we’re not sure why you’d go anywhere else, tbh).

1. Scope out admission schemes

The first step to getting ready for university is figuring out how to get into your university.

At The University of Queensland, we offer admission schemes to even out your path to uni. And even though they’re called schemes, they’re not at all evil – quite the opposite.

Admission schemes provide opportunities to increase your entry rank by considering your background, life events and even the subjects you studied. For example:

  • If you come from a rural background, you could get 2 adjustments added to your entry rank.
  • Studying a language other than English could also be worth 2 adjustments.

Learn more about our admission schemes

If you identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, consider applying for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Admission Pathway. Doing so can help you get into your preferred program.

As well as your formal education, we’ll consider a range of factors as part of your application, including your:

  • employment history
  • academic abilities
  • personal interests
  • references.

2. Explore your pathway options

UQ pathway

So, your entry score isn’t what you were hoping for. Or maybe you don’t meet the subject prerequisites for your preferred program.

It happens – and it’s not the end of the world.

From bridging courses to alternative programs, there’s usually a way to get your dream degree. We’ll help you find the right pathway.

Explore your pathway options

3. Search for scholarships

While you’re working out how to plan for university, you’ll probably think a bit about how to pay for it. Luckily, you can sometimes make your uni experience easier and more affordable with a scholarship.

At UQ, there are plenty up for grabs.

Live in a rural or regional area? You may be eligible for a Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarship. You could pocket up to $18,000 towards your studies.

Of course, we offer a wide range of other scholarships based on things including:

  • your socioeconomic background
  • your sporting ability
  • the degree you’re interested in studying.

Now’s the time to explore your opportunities and take full advantage.

4. Get to know your new home

Exploring UQ St Lucia campus

Getting ready for uni sometimes means moving away from home. If this is true for you, our Accommodation Services team can help you explore your accommodation options. Then, explore our campus facilities through our virtual tours.

Not planning to live on campus? Browse our handy guide to renting in Queensland.

5. Get connected

Universities provide a bunch of opportunities to meet your fellow students both in person and online. Connecting with others while you study is an essential part of the journey, and many graduates consider the lifelong friends they’ve made to be a highlight of their uni experience.

When you become a UQ student, you get to join our UQ Life Virtual Village, where you can build connections, ask questions and get advice from the UQ community. This online platform offers you the chance to:

  • meet groups and peers
  • attend workshops and social events
  • network with alumni and others in your community.

Follow UQ on Instagram to get a taste of student life.

Once you get to uni, the world truly becomes your oyster. These quick tips will help you settle in faster, so you can focus on what’s next – whether that’s postgrad study or a lucrative career.

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