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What can I do with a degree in...?

Published 14 Mar, 2024  ·  6-minute read

Don't know what degree to study after high school? Unsure how to choose a career as a teenager? We've got you covered.

We've put together a giant list of careers you can pursue with specific degrees at UQ. We've also spoken with our recent graduates to get the lowdown on what they're doing now, what they love most about their jobs, and what, exactly, their roles involve on a daily basis.

We hope this information will give you a clearer insight into what you want to study at university and what career path you want to forge for yourself, based on your current interests.

How to choose a uni degree based on career options

If you're wondering how to choose a degree when you don't even know what type of career you want, we can help there too.

Our biggest tip for envisioning future career options is to think about what you’re passionate about.

  • What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?
  • What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
  • What can you talk about endlessly without getting bored or running out of steam?

Got any ideas yet? Maybe there are a few things, and that’s completely fine. You have room to explore.

We know not everyone starts university with a clear vision of what they want their career to be yet – career exploration for teens is rarely a linear process. But having an idea of your interests and what you can see yourself doing in 3-4 years will certainly help you find the right degree for you.

See if you can match your interests and skills with any of the careers outlined below, to get a better idea of what degree you want to study at university.

Three students sit around a table talking and laughing with laptop and study materials open

Search careers by study area

Agriculture and animal science

Agriculture and animal sciences

Careers in veterinary technology

A career as a vet tech can take you many places including veterinary practices, biosecurity, government agencies, research institutions and the livestock sector.

Discover vet tech career options

Animal science careers

Work with domestic and wild animals to monitor species population, preserve natural habitats and enhance agricultural production.

Discover careers in animal science

Career opportunities in agricultural science

Help farmers produce healthy crops, discover new ways to boost food production sustainably, and analyse plant and soil samples to troubleshoot problems. Carve a career out of your interests by studying agricultural science.

Discover careers in agricultural science

Architecture, design and urban planning

Architecture, design and urban planning

What can you do with a Bachelor of Design?

Create the Next Big Thing, enhance the customer experience and take strides in innovation with a career in design.

Discover Bachelor of Design careers

What can you do with an urban planning degree?

If you thought the answer was simply ‘be an urban planner’, think again! With a career in urban planning, you can also specialise in developing public transport systems or protecting heritage sites with significant meaning to local communities.

Discover urban planning careers

Arts, humanities and social sciences

Arts, humanities and social sciences

What can you do with a social science degree in Australia?

Become a trailblazer who confronts social injustices and instigates real change in the world with a career in social sciences.

Discover social science career jobs

Where can a Bachelor of Arts take you?

Travel the world as a professional interpreter, make a real difference in developing nations as an international aid worker or bring the past alive as a museum curator. The variety of careers available with a Bachelor of Arts is truly astounding and exciting.

Discover careers in the arts

What jobs can you get with a Bachelor of Criminology?

Be the first person at the crime scene as a police detective, help prevent individuals from reoffending as a case manager, or identify threats to national security as an intelligence officer. This is just a snapshot of the thrilling careers available in criminology.

Discover jobs in criminology

What can you do with a humanities degree?

The world is your oyster when you study humanities. Explore the exciting, diverse and rewarding careers you can pursue with a humanities degree, and find out how it will prepare you for just about any job.

Discover careers in the humanities

Is archaeology a good career?

Archaeologists do much more than dig for artefacts. They can work as heritage consultations, conservationists and museum curators, to name a few.

Discover archaeology careers

Business and economics

Business and economics

What jobs can you get with a commerce degree?

Immerse yourself in the world of big data, land a job with one of the world’s top tech companies or ensure financial transparency with a career in commerce.

Discover commerce degree jobs

What can you do with an economics degree?

Help Australia transition to a greener future, build a social enterprise and influence people to make the best decisions with their money with a career in economics.

Discover careers in economics

What can you do with a degree in hospitality and tourism management?

Discover the diverse and exciting range of careers you could pursue in the hospitality, event and tourism management industry.

Discover tourism management jobs

Socially rewarding careers in business

Find out how a UQ Bachelor of Business Management graduate shaped a meaningful and philanthropic career in business by embracing social entrepreneurship.

Discover business careers

My marketing career: using AI to captivate audiences

Explore the different ways a UQ graduate uses new tech to connect with audiences throughout her successful marketing career.

Discover marketing careers

Communication, media and experience design

Communication, media and experience design

What jobs can I get with a communications degree?

Keep your finger on the pulse of pop culture with a career in social media, be right in the thick of it with a job in public relations, or become a digital content aficionado. No two days are the same with a career in communications.

Discover communication degree jobs

Is a journalism degree worth it?

Studying journalism at UQ prepares you to work in a constantly shifting industry. Find out why journalism graduates recommend this degree and the types of exciting jobs they’re working in now.

Discover careers in journalism

Computer science and IT

Computer science and IT

Careers in computer science

Explore the exciting careers you can pursue with a degree in computer science. From dealing with big data to protecting against cyber threats, this is what a job in the thriving tech industry could look like.

Discover computer science careers



How to get into PE teaching

Find out exactly what you need to do to become a physical education teacher, what you can specialise in, and how to excel in the role throughout your career.

Discover a career in PE teaching

Why be a teacher?

There are many benefits to a career in teaching – and they may be better than you think. Explore the type of work you can undertake inside and outside of the classroom.

Discover teaching careers



What does a metallurgist do, exactly?

Where would we be without metals like aluminium, copper and nickel? There’d be no smartphones, airplanes or even as many pots and pans. Find out how a career in chemical engineering can help make the world go round.

Discover metallurgy careers

What do biomedical engineers do?

Find out about the types of medical devices biomedical engineers create, maintain and fix on a daily basis, and why this career is expected to increase in demand over the coming years.

Discover biomedical engineering careers



Jobs you can get with an environmental science degree

Protect native wildlife, analyse chemicals, or map environmental features to assist in sustaining our natural environments for longer. Become a pioneer in slowing climate change with a career in environmental science.

Discover environmental science careers

Building a more sustainable future with a career in economics

Economists are key consultants to government bodies and private companies and can help shape decisions that will have a direct impact on our planet and future.

Discover sustainable careers in economics

Health and medicine

Health and medicine

What can you do with a midwifery degree?

Support and empower women during pregnancy, labour, birth and the first days of motherhood. Help to bring new life into the world, teach families to prepare for their new members, and care for sick and preterm babies. The specialisations available as a midwife are varied and rewarding.

Discover types of midwifery jobs

Career opportunities in nutrition and dietetics

Whether you want to work clinically, in foodservice, with athletes, in private practice or research, nutrition and dietetics is a great field that can take you down many different career paths.

Discover careers in nutrition and dietetics

What does a social worker do?

Whether you want to work in aged care, in a hospital, with youth or clinically, a career in social work can take you down many different paths, all of which are rewarding and challenging.

Discover careers in social work

What does a clinical exercise physiologist do?

Help people manage chronic diseases, recover faster from injuries or surgeries and lead an overall healthier lifestyle with a career in clinical exercise physiology.

Discover clinical exercise physiology jobs

Bachelor of Health Sciences career pathways

Help people improve their health through dietetics, find innovative ways to enhance public health systems, or research methods for protecting communities from infectious diseases with a career in health science.

Discover health science degree jobs

What can you do with a biomedical science degree?

From small business ownership to working with AI, you might be surprised by the variety of careers you can pursue with a degree in biomedical science. Discover what 2 UQ graduates are doing now.

Discover biomedical science degree jobs



Have you considered a career as a law academic?

Teach and mentor the next generation of lawyers and delve into research on the areas of law you’re passionate about.

Discover careers in law academia

Science and mathematics

Science and mathematics

What jobs can you do with a Bachelor of Science?

Help answer big biological questions as a bioinformatician, discover new flavours as a food scientist or dive into marine conservation as a marine biologist, with a career in the diverse field of science.

Discover career options in science

Molecular biology careers

Research the evolution of drug resistance as a virologist, investigate the chemical structure of living cells as a microbiologist or do your part to protect fragile ecosystems as an environmental biologist. Harness your scientifically curious mind with a career in molecular biology.

Discover molecular biology jobs

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