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Kevin Balshaw, MBA graduate

What's the best MBA for you? Choosing the right program

Study tips
Published 9 Feb, 2024  ·  5-minute read

So, you’re ready to take your career to the next level by enrolling in a Master of Business Administration (MBA). With so many different programs to choose from, it’s only natural to wonder which one is the best MBA for you and your goals.

To help guide you in making this decision, here are 5 important things to consider.

5 things to consider when choosing an MBA

1. Is the MBA flexible enough to fit around your other priorities?

With the right MBA program, you don’t have to choose between your education, career and personal priorities. The best MBA programs allow you to effectively balance your commitments while preparing to enhance your career through study.

What's the best MBA for flexibility? 

We believe the UQ MBA is a contender for this because it is designed for busy professionals. With 3 different study modes available, you can:

  • accelerate your studies with intensive courses and complete your MBA in 3 semesters (1 and a half years)
  • balance study with work commitments and complete the program in 2 years
  • adjust your study plan throughout the degree as your availability changes.

The UQ MBA is taught at our convenient Brisbane City location, right in the heart of the CBD. You can choose to study in person, online via our interactive live lectures and classes, or a mixture of both, depending on your schedule and priorities.

Another advantage that separates the UQ MBA program from similar programs is that you’ll also have the choice of attending classes in the morning, evening, on the weekend or via a range of intensive class options.

Kate Green

As a mum working full time with two primary school age children, having different timetable options for each course was critical. By taking advantage of the weekend intensives, I was able to complete the UQ MBA in 3 years.

Kate Green
Master of Business Administration

Discover why UQ’s flexible program is the best MBA for busy students.

2. Will future employers value my qualification?

Student experience is important, but you also want an MBA that delivers a return on investment. Studying at a university with a strong global reputation will help you stand out to top organisations and achieve the best career outcomes. It’s also important to choose a program widely recognised as one of the best MBA programs available.

What's the best MBA for credibility?

Ranked in the world’s top 50, The University of Queensland is one of Australia’s leading research and teaching institutions. That's just one reason we believe the UQ MBA is a contender for this. UQ also ranks #1 in Australia for business and economics (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022) and for innovation and entrepreneurship (The Australian, Research Magazine 2023) and has been recognised as having one of the best MBA programs nationally and internationally.

Joe Bryant

The University of Queensland has such a great reputation nationally and internationally. It is one of the top 8 universities in Australia and is known throughout the entire world for its excellence in research. I understand how important it is to have an MBA from a reputable university that employers recognise.

Joe Bryant
Master of Business Administration

3. Will the MBA program help me achieve my career goals?

When weighing up your options, you may wonder how exactly (and how quickly) an MBA will help you achieve your professional goals. As you compare your options, look for evidence of how successful the program’s alumni have been. Seeing graduates who have reached milestones similar to your own ambitions can be a good signpost that you’d thrive in the same MBA program.

Whether you want to accelerate your career, pursue new industries or start your own business, the right MBA can provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to successfully move forward and progress your career.

What's the best MBA program for your career?

We believe our MBA is a strong candidate because if you choose to study your MBA at UQ, you’ll learn knowledge and skills from some of the most awarded academics to prepare you for future career success. But you’ll also gain practical experience through exclusive extracurricular opportunities, expand your professional network and enjoy lifelong access to career advice from a dedicated team of experts.

The UQ MBA Careers and Professional Development Team provides a number of complimentary resources and services to position you for career success in a competitive global market, both during your studies and after you graduate.

Tim Kuusik

I knew my UQ MBA was going to open doors. I didn’t realise it would happen so soon. I would never have even been shortlisted for my role if I wasn’t studying my MBA, but I got the job. Even though I hadn’t yet graduated, I had already developed the skills and the confidence to step up to a general management position. That was a pivotal moment for me.

Tim Kuusik
Master of Business Administration

Learn how an MBA from UQ will help you thrive in an unpredictable labour market.

4. What networking opportunities are available?

Forming valuable connections throughout your MBA is instrumental to your success in both the classroom and your career. Who you study with will influence your learning experience and can also lead to career opportunities. And, of course, you’ll want to expand your network further with connections in industry organisations.

What's the best MBA for networking opportunities?

The UQ MBA is a contender because it helps you build a strong global network in these 3 ways:

Helen Barker

For me, a non-negotiable when looking for an MBA program was the face-to-face component. I knew it would be easier to juggle an online MBA with my other commitments, but I wasn’t doing the MBA to get a piece of paper. I wanted it for the interaction and network I’d develop during the process. I can’t recommend a face-to-face MBA enough.

Helen Barker
Master of Business Administration

5. How will the MBA program enrich my leadership skills?

Many people looking to enrol in an MBA have leadership aspirations or want to advance their leadership career. Your MBA should equip you with the skills and confidence to lead projects, teams and organisations, create positive change and navigate challenges.

What's the best MBA program for leadership development?

Our MBA is a strong candidate. By strengthening the diverse technical expertise each student possesses, the UQ MBA will challenge the way you think and act as a strategic leader. In doing so, you’ll build effective leadership styles across teams, organisations and industries.

Katrina King

My technical knowledge combined with what I learned during the UQ MBA means that now, I can lead a team of experts to get even better outcomes. The MBA gave me the tools to analyse and solve problems as well as the ability to articulate solutions in a compelling way for boards or executive groups.

Katrina King
Master of Business Administration

Enrolling in an MBA is an investment in your future that will pay off if you choose the best MBA for you.

Take the time to weigh up your options, considering these 5 points, to feel confident in your decision and achieve your goals.

Learn more about the UQ MBA

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