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Help people with a Bachelor of Arts

Published 23 Aug, 2021  ·  7-minute read

Whether your passion is around social justice or mental health, a UQ Bachelor of Arts can prepare you for numerous careers that involve helping people.

If you’ve been telling yourself “I want a job that helps people”, studying a Bachelor of Arts (BA) can prepare you for numerous meaningful career pathways that focus on helping people. At The University of Queensland, fields you can specialise in with your BA include:

Find out what you can study for careers that help people and turn today’s passion into tomorrow’s profession.


BA psychology major

Psychology is a fascinating area of study that can lead to a long and rewarding career. With the varied and transferrable skills learnt in the BA (Psychology), there’s no limit to what you can achieve once you’ve completed your studies. You’ll be in a strong position to pursue careers in private healthcare, social work, counselling, behavioural studies, community health, therapy and so much more. No matter what field your passion for helping people lies in, studying psychology will give you a greater understanding of humans and equip you with the skills necessary to support individuals.

“Studying psychology through the Bachelor of Arts taught me theoretical foundations and grounded me in the practical skills needed for work in therapeutic contexts. I now work in a role where I can help empower and inform vulnerable people every day.”

– Daisy Thomas, Psychology Major

There’s so much you can go on to study or achieve with a Psychology major. Some of the roles our UQ Bachelor of Arts alumni have gone on to work as include:

  • behavioural therapist
  • child psychologist
  • community health officer
  • family therapist
  • mental health practitioner.

Career spotlight: family therapist

A family therapist’s role is to provide therapy, counselling and mediation to families that want to work through conflict and trauma within their family dynamic. They provide a safe space for family members to express thoughts and emotions while also taking the time to understand each other’s perspective.

A family therapist will ask considerate questions to help clients identify their feelings and behaviours. Through the delivery of different types of therapies and techniques, they work to diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders within the family dynamic.


BA music major

Are you looking for a degree that combines your passion for helping people with your love of music? A Bachelor of Arts with a minor in Music Psychology could be exactly what you’re looking for. Music psychologists investigate how music affects emotion, behaviour, the brain and the body. Through studying the connection between music and individuals, groups and society, you’ll be equipped with an understanding of how music can promote health and wellbeing. You can apply what you learn through this course to go on to work in areas of education or therapy, depending on your interests.

“Studying music psychology at UQ has opened so many doors in my career as a musician, facilitator and music theory game creator. I wouldn’t be where I am today without such incredible support, guidance and encouragement from my lecturers.”

– Olivia Cosham, Music Psychology Minor

With your UQ Bachelor of Arts degree, examples of the professions you could become include:

  • music education facilitator
  • music teacher
  • music therapist
  • program coordinator.

Career spotlight: music therapist

Music therapists work to actively support individuals to improve their health, wellbeing and ability to function. They incorporate a variety of music-related methods and therapy to help their individual achieve their healthcare and educational goals. Music therapy might include singing, dancing, listening to music, discussing music and writing songs.

Music therapists work in a range of settings, such as hospitals, schools and aged-care facilities to deliver tailored music therapy programs to meet specific needs.


BA criminology major

What fuels crime? Is it the social landscape? The economic situation? Individual circumstances? 

Criminology, the study of crime, criminals and how society responds, can help you explore the questions above and understand the pathways that lead to crime. Those passionate about making a difference in the fields of criminal justice or legal studies will find this to be the perfect major to prepare them for an exciting and gratifying career.

You could work with criminal justice agencies including police, courts or corrective services. For example, you could supervise and support individuals throughout their rehabilitation journey as a correctional case officer, work with young people subject to youth justice intervention as a restorative justice caseworker, assist the community and frontline police as a client services officer, or work with a team providing analysis and insights to police as an intelligence officer.

Or, you could work in corporate or non-governmental agencies that have an interest in reducing crime. For example, if you have an interest in computers and technology, you could work as a cybercrime adviser or investigator and play an integral role in the justice system. Or, if you're interested in social justice, you could work with a local community agency to prevent crime or assist those who are victimised by it.

There’s no shortage of professions available for those interested in criminology. With a Bachelor of Arts degree, you could become:

  • correctional case officer
  • behaviour support specialist
  • case manager
  • family services specialist
  • intelligence officer
  • police client services operator
  • fraud investigator
  • forensic specialist
  • cybercrime adviser
  • cyber criminologist
  • cybercrime investigator
  • crime prevention officer
  • crime research analyst.

The Criminology major also provides you with critical thinking and adaptable skills you can apply to a wide range of careers beyond the realm of criminal justice.


BA sociology major

Take your passion for helping people and combine it with the study of social relationships, causes and institutions to make a real difference in your professional life. Studying sociology opens a diverse scope of careers in fields such as education, social welfare, research and government. Use your voice to become a social justice advocate for those who cannot speak up on their own. Become a social worker or family services specialist to support individuals and families to make positive changes in their lives. Or you may decide to take the path of becoming a sociologist to further study human behaviour and interaction.

“My mind has been blown by the ideas, concepts and ground-breaking research I’ve been exposed to through my arts degree. My sociological studies have given me a passionate, empathetic view and a drive to change the world for the better.”

– Sarah Ritchie, Sociology Major and Gender Studies Minor  

Here are just a few of the jobs our Bachelor of Arts graduates have gone on to work in within the field of sociology:

  • community support worker
  • family services specialist
  • policy analyst
  • project manager
  • social and government researcher
  • social inclusion officer
  • social justice advocate
  • sociologist.

Sports studies

BA sports studies major

This is the perfect major to combine a passion for sports with the desire to find a job that helps people. The Sports Studies major will prepare you for a range of careers across the thriving sport and fitness industry. You can use the sports studies program to further your skills and knowledge in your chosen interest area. Whether it’s a desire to become a sports journalist and report on the news or take on an active role in the community as a sports centre manager, you can create your own flexible pathway to the career of your dreams.

By no means is this a complete list of career options, but here are just some of the professions our UQ Bachelor of Arts alumni have worked in:

  • recreation coordinator
  • sports administrator
  • sports and events manager
  • sports centre manager
  • sports development officer
  • sports journalist.

Career spotlight: recreation coordinator

A recreation coordinator is responsible for organising, planning and scheduling recreational activities, projects or programs for organisations such as schools, church bodies, local governments and youth organisations. They work with people of all ages to lead recreational and sporting activities in the community.

Their duties typically consist of coordinating and running programs, overseeing maintenance of recreational facilities, planning events, scheduling staff, providing support to members of the community and monitoring the department’s budget.

BA legal education studies major

Legal Education Studies is the perfect major for someone who knows they want to work in education and is interested in playing a vital role of teaching the lawyers of tomorrow. This course will prepare you to teach legal education in secondary schools. You’ll be able to give students a head start and be a positive influence on their journey to becoming a legal professional. Take the skills and theories taught in this major to further your own knowledge and better equip you to become a successful teacher in your own right.

This is just a snapshot of the careers our Bachelor of Arts graduates are now working as:

  • head of curriculum
  • high school teacher
  • legal education teacher.

Career spotlight: head of curriculum

A head of curriculum plans and oversees the development, coordination and implementation of a school’s curriculum in accordance with syllabus requirements.

They have numerous duties including monitoring student performance to ensure the curriculum standards are being met, coordinating assessment and reporting within the curriculum area, collaborating with teaching staff to produce an integrated approach of the curriculum, and communicating to the school community on all relevant curriculum matters.

For those passionate about careers that help people, a UQ Bachelor of Arts has numerous areas of study that focus on this. You’ll be able to further explore fields that most interest you while gaining a degree that allows you to pursue your ideal career. Your passion doesn’t need to be a hobby – we’ll help you turn it into a profession.

Learn about other passions you can follow or read more about the UQ BA.

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