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What can you do with a Bachelor of Arts

Where can a Bachelor of Arts take you?

Published 2 Sep, 2021  ·  5-minute read

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is one of the most versatile undergraduate programs available. With a BA, you can learn how to help people in your community, address global issues and everything in between.

The list of potential careers with an arts degree is too long to fit on a single page, but we’ve done our best to capture some of the core areas and passions you can pursue with a BA.

For some, this broad range of options might feel intimidating – how can I know what I’ll do after graduating if there are so many arts degree jobs out there?

But our BA students and alumni know the truth: this is what makes the Bachelor of Arts such a special degree. The BA doesn’t provide a narrow, well-trodden path to a single career. It presents a winding avenue that can hop from industry to industry, role to role, all based on your own interests.

Bachelor of Arts graduates don’t find a job and force themselves to like it. They find their passion and turn it into their profession.

Below are 6 core passions that may resonate with what you want to achieve in your future and how the various majors within the Bachelor of Arts can help you fulfil these passions.

What would you like to do?

Connect with other cultures with a Bachelor of Arts

BA European languages majors

Where can a Bachelor of Arts take you? As it turns out, just about anywhere in the world.

Explore other languages and cultures, learn how to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds, and discover how different worldviews can unite humanity instead of driving us apart.

BA majors and minors that can help you connect with other cultures include:

  • Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Russian)
  • European languages (French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish)
  • English language (linguistics, English as an international language)
  • anthropology
  • Indigenous studies
  • Australian studies.

By studying in this area, you could become a language teacher, cultural adviser, interpreter, linguistics researcher, anthropologist, community engagement manager, travel consultant, policy adviser and much more.

Improve society with a Bachelor of Arts

A cartoon image of a reporter interviewing a woman outside Parliament House.

It doesn’t take much scrolling or news-watching to feel like society is in a rough state right now. If you’ve got big dreams about how things could be better for everyone, you may have already thought to yourself: “What can I do with a Bachelor of Arts that will help improve society?”

The good news is many majors and study areas within the BA program can help you make a meaningful impact on your local community and country. These areas include:

  • international relations
  • peace and conflict
  • political science
  • criminology
  • sociology
  • anthropology
  • philosophy
  • psychology
  • economics.

Your career path after graduating could include roles as an international aid worker, peacekeeping official, ministerial officer, advocacy coordinator, cybercrime investigator, community development officer, family therapist, applied economist and much more.

Tell stories and engage audiences with a Bachelor of Arts

BA digital media major

Are you a storyteller at heart? Do your eyes light up when an audience applauds? Or do you simply like getting to the truth of matters and sharing the facts in an interesting way?

Whichever format of storytelling appeals most to you, there’s a Bachelor of Arts major to help you explore this passion for engaging and entertaining others. Relevant study areas include:

  • film and television
  • drama
  • music
  • popular music and technology
  • media and digital cultures
  • art history
  • writing
  • literature
  • professional writing and communication
  • journalism and mass communication.

Studying a major from this category could lead to work as a copywriter, English lecturer, gallery curator, acting coach, video producer, radio presenter, music director and much more.

Address global issues with a Bachelor of Arts

BA geography major

Our planet is in a fragile position – socially, economically and environmentally. So, what can you do with a Bachelor of Arts to help address the world’s most pressing problems?

There are several study areas within the BA that will help prepare you to make a real global difference. These include:

  • international relations
  • peace and conflict studies
  • political science
  • sociology
  • economics
  • mathematics
  • geography
  • religion
  • philosophy.

With a Bachelor of Arts, you can take the first steps towards jobs including foreign policy adviser, peacekeeping official, political campaign manager, social and government researcher, applied economist, algorithm specialist, sustainability consultant, justice worker and much more.

Explore the past to create a better future with a Bachelor of Arts

BA archaeology major

The secrets to a bright future may lie buried in the darkest recesses of the past. If you’re fascinated by history, the UQ Bachelor of Arts can help you turn this curiosity into a career.

Whether you’d love to dive decades, centuries or even millennia into the past, here are some of the BA majors and minors that could enhance your studies:

  • history*
  • ancient history*
  • archaeology
  • art history
  • ancient languages (Latin or Ancient Greek)
  • anthropology
  • philosophy
  • Indigenous studies
  • Australian studies.

*To explore the most diverse range of historical eras, consider the combined History/Ancient History major.

By studying the courses in these majors, you can prepare for a satisfying career as a historical adviser, family history researcher, history and humanities teacher, museum curator, regional anthropologist, archaeologist and much more.

Help people with a Bachelor of Arts

BA psychology major

Some people find their true purpose in improving peoples’ lives. If this resonates with you, you’ll find several pathways in the UQ Bachelor of Arts that allow you to fulfil this passion.

Majors and minors that can equip you with the skills and knowledge to make a meaningful impact on other individuals include:

  • psychology
  • music psychology
  • criminology
  • sociology
  • sports studies
  • legal education.

Some potential careers that will see you helping people every day include child psychologist, mental health practitioner, music therapist, family services specialist, community support worker, social justice advocate, sports centre manager and legal education teacher.

Ready to learn more about the program itself? Explore the Bachelor of Arts, including requirements, majors and scholarships.

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