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Meet David from Cambodia, studying Engineering in Australia

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Published 12 Nov, 2020  ·  3 minute read

Hi, my name is David Sea and I'm from Cambodia. I'm studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) majoring in Chemical Engineering at The University of Queensland.

Why did you choose to study in Australia and specifically at UQ?

From a young age, I knew I wanted to explore the world and I always believed that there were so many opportunities out there waiting for me. I decided to pursue my education abroad and moved here when I was 12 years old to attend high school.

UQ Bachelor of Engineering student David Sea

I picked Australia because of the great weather, multicultural society, and the high quality of life that makes this such a liveable country.

I chose UQ as it offers world-class programs and is renowned for its high ranking in various engineering disciplines. I truly believe that UQ is a stepping stone to my goal of becoming a global citizen and contributing to the advancement of our society. I know that with hard work and the right support, I have the capacity to innovate and create change.

What are your thoughts on studying in Australia and Brisbane?

Brisbane has become my home away from home. I believe this city has so much to offer, from being located in the authentic ‘Sunshine State‘ that is Queensland filled with lush botanical parks and green spaces, to being a multicultural community and modern city. Brisbane also has an abundance of excellent restaurants and bars, the iconic Story Bridge, and a river that flows through the heart of the city where nature and people intertwine.

Australia and Brisbane have played a big part in many aspects of my life. I’ve made a lot of friends here that I have truly connected with and shared countless memorable experiences. In high school, I was in an Australian Football League (AFL) team which really transformed me and allowed me to assimilate into the Australian lifestyle and culture.

What are the best things about your program at UQ?

I chose Chemical Engineering as my major because I have a strong interest in organic chemistry and the processing field. Chemistry has always intrigued me as it reveals how nature works and I believe it is fundamental to everyday processes.

UQ provides a great learning experience based on real life problems as it offers a range of programs that interests me. Each day, I am constantly accumulating new knowledge that can be applied directly to both complex concepts and everyday events which I believe is fascinating.

UQ student David Sea studying at UQ.

Have you undertaken an internship, volunteer experience or UQ Employability program?

On top of being a 2020 Brisbane International Student Ambassador, I’ve also taken part in the UQ Summer Unlimited program and Startup Academy by UQ Ventures. Through these programs, I had the privilege of being exposed to the insights and business perspectives of successful entrepreneurs. This inspired me to work on my own projects and helped me to form valuable new connections. These programs transformed my studying experience and played a critical role in my development as a chemical engineer and young entrepreneur.

UQ Bachelor of Engineering student David Sea

What advice would you give people from other countries about studying at UQ?

While the process may be full of challenges and new experiences, do not let your fear of the unknown hold you back you. Set manageable goals and most importantly remember that you can achieve them.

Never be afraid to ask for help because you are not alone and the UQ community are here to support you. Above all, remember that your ambition, determination and beliefs will lead you to the right station.

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