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Schoolies survival kit

Uni life
Published 15 Nov, 2023  ·  3-minute read

13 long years of school are over and it’s time to celebrate! We’ve put together a list of essential schoolies tips to ensure you pack the right kit (and the right mindset) for a week of maximum fun and minimum drama.  

What are you going to need out in the wild as you celebrate with your peers and friends? It’s a combination of physical items and general knowhow.  

Read on to discover tips for schoolies covering everything from what to pack to essential information. 

What to pack for schoolies: physical items 

Wondering what to take to schoolies? We’ll leave the fashion decisions up to you. But here are a few items that tend to get overlooked on the schoolies packing list that can help you have a more enjoyable experience. 

  • Sunscreen: remember to apply 20 minutes prior to heading outside and every 2 hours afterwards. 
  • Mosquito repellent: depending on your location, the mozzies may be out in force around twilight. 
  • Power bank: super useful if your phone’s battery life is on the brink. 
  • Noise-cancelling headphones or ear plugs: schoolies can get noisy and you might need a little help sleeping. 
  • Drink bottle and keep cup: stay hydrated, get caffeinated, and save some dolphins. 
  • Snacks: no one wants to see you hangry, especially before you’ve even reached your destination. 
  • Painkillers: basic paracetamol like Panadol, just in case.  
  • Airtag: not essential, but worth considering if you’re prone to losing items – like your room key. 
  • A lockable suitcase: if you plan on taking valuables with you, like a tablet or your Beats, think about how you’ll keep them safe while people come and go from your accommodation. Not every room will have a safe. 
A young woman packs a suitcase into the roof rack of a car

What to bring to schoolies: essential knowledge

There are a few things you should know before you go, which will help you have fun, stay safe, and make the most of your time and money.

  • Red Frogs are your 24/7 sober and non-judgemental support crew at popular schoolies destinations in Australia. You can call on them if you get into a bind or need someone to talk to.
  • There’s a Schoolies Hub at Surfer’s Paradise (if you’re heading to the Gold Coast) that’s completely free. It’s drug and alcohol-free and has a program packed with entertainment, including DJs and live music. You just need to register online and pick up your wristband when you get there to attend.
  • Each state and every country has different laws regarding drugs and alcohol. Ensure you familiarise yourself with these before you head to your schoolies destination. Read up on drug laws in Australia, or head over to Smart Traveller to check the local laws in another country.
  • Refresh yourself on what constitutes as consent, and get safe sex and safe partying tips.

Further schoolies prep

  • Arrange with your parent/guardian when and how often you will check in during the week. Establishing this ahead of time will help ease their worry and avoid a situation where they call you at an inopportune moment.
  • Update the emergency contact information in your phone, so it can be accessed from your locked screen in an emergency.
  • Read over the terms and conditions associated with your schoolies accommodation. Some accommodation providers prohibit guests or the use of glass in rooms, while others may have noise curfews. You don’t want any nasty surprises that end with you being kicked out or not getting your security deposit back.
  • Think about switching your social media accounts to private and consider setting up two-step verification on things like your banking app. You don’t want a seemingly harmless prank or post to ruin your entire week.
  • Memorise the address of your accommodation just in case you lose your phone or get lost.
  • Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly.
  • Get excited!

We hope these tips have helped you build your ultimate schoolies survival kit. Remember to have fun and watch out for your mates. And if you run into any sticky situations, don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Finding it hard to switch off you study brain and get into celebration mode? Stressing about your ATAR is tough, but here’s a little perspective that might help you wind down. 

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