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You're viewing this site as a domestic an international student
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How do uni offers work? QTAC questions answered

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Published 26 Jun, 2023  ·  3-minute read

The time between applying and waiting for uni offers to come out is one of high anticipation as you eagerly stand-by to begin your journey to university.

We’re not going to lie – university offers and the process around receiving one can be a little overwhelming. There are several actions you can take to respond to your offer, and you might have questions about the conditions associated with this.

We’re here to help demystify uni offers and answer a few of the most common questions asked by QTAC applicants.

When do university offers come out?

The main offer round for QTAC applicants looking to begin study in Semester 1 at university is usually in early January. This is when most offers are released. However, there is typically an offer round before this in December, just after ATARs are released and just before Christmas. Applicants with competitive ATARs may receive offers in the December round, though it's important not to panic if you don't get one, as you'll be considered in the January main round. There are earlier and later rounds, though these don't yield as many offers.

For example, if you apply and plan on commencing study at UQ in Semester 1 2025 (classes typically begin mid-late February 2025) the main university offer round you'll want to look out for will be in January 2025.

Remember that some programs require earlier applications and release early offers – always check the entry requirements of the specific program you wish to study.

Can I accept multiple university offers?

You can only receive one offer per round, but you can accept an offer conditionally.

Be aware that if you accept an offer conditionally and you receive a new offer, your original offer will no longer be valid.

What does “conditionally accept” mean in QTAC?

There are three ways to respond to a university offer through QTAC:

  • outright
  • conditional, with no change of preference
  • conditional, with change of preference.

If you receive an offer but it isn’t for your preferred course, you can accept that offer conditionally. This means that should you receive another offer for one of your higher preference courses in a later round, you can accept that offer instead.

Always check your offer email to see if the university has any time limits on conditional acceptance.

Find out more about the ins and outs of responding to a uni offer.

How long do you have to accept a university offer?

When you receive your letter of offer (via email), it will specify the date by which you need to respond. It’s typically around 4 days, but this can change depending on the round and the university, so be sure to consult your letter of offer and make note of the cut-off date.

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What if my uni offer expires?

You may be able to reactivate your expired offer, depending on the course and the university in question. See if you are eligible to reactivate an expired uni offer through QTAC.

How to defer a uni offer

Deferment policies vary from university to university. In most cases, you can choose to defer your studies for up to a year when you respond to your offer through QTAC. Some universities may let you defer for longer.

Find a Queensland university’s deferment rules.

UQ allows domestic students to defer an offer for up to a year if the program is due to start in Semester 1 and you haven’t already enrolled in courses.

What happens when you defer a university offer?

The most common protocol for deferment of university studies is to defer your offer through QTAC. The university will then contact you with next steps and outline the conditions of your deferment.

Can I defer my university offer after accepting?

Some Queensland universities will allow you to defer your offer if you have changed your mind after accepting it. The best way to find out if this is possible is to contact the university’s admissions team directly.

If you’ve accepted an offer from UQ but now wish to defer, contact UQ Admissions on (07) 3365 2203 or Unfortunately, we are unable to change your offer response after classes have commenced.

What if I don’t get any uni offers?

There may be several reasons why you didn’t receive any uni offers. If you have investigated these and you’re still unsure as to why you didn’t receive an offer, you can contact QTAC to make an enquiry or contact the admissions team at the universities you applied to.

While not receiving an offer may leave you feeling very disappointed, it isn’t the end of your university dream. There are many pathways into university, including bridging programs and alternative entry options. Contact us to discover which pathway is best for you.

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