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You're viewing this site as a domestic an international student

You're a domestic student if you are:

  • a citizen of Australia or New Zealand,
  • an Australian permanent resident, or
  • a holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa.

You're an international student if you are:

  • intending to study on a student visa,
  • not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand,
  • not an Australian permanent resident, or
  • a temporary resident (visa status) of Australia.
You're viewing this site as a domestic an international student

Research exchange programs for PhD candidates

If you're a PhD student from one of our exchange partner institutions, you may be eligible for our research exchange program.

This program aims to strengthen research linkages across the world and provide opportunities for you to extend and enhance your graduate research work.

Exchange partners

We have research exchange agreements with: 

    Enrolment and progression

    • You'll remain enrolled at your home institution and thesis supervision will remain the principal responsibility of your home institution.
    • Where your work is already subject to IP and/or confidentiality arrangements, it is necessary for these to be the subject of formal negotiation between UQ and the partner university.
    • You'll participate in the activities as set out in the research exchange agreement which can include further training activities in addition to general supervision.

    Scholarships and fees

    • Unlike the standard research study abroad model there are no tuition fees required by either students departing UQ to research overseas or students entering UQ to conduct research.

    Training requirements

    When you arrive at your research exchange institution, you'll be provided with a local health and safety orientation. This will include some face-to-face and some online modules (such as fire training). At the induction any additional training will be identified. This may include training such as:

    • animal ethics online training. Students will also be provided with hands on training in the procedures they will be using by relevant experienced staff before proceeding with animal work
    • online biological safety training
    • chemical safety online training.

    Other types of training may also be required and will be discussed with you by your host supervisor.

    Research study abroad CRICOS course code: 089662D