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You're viewing this site as a domestic an international student
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How to prepare for your future career at UQ

Published 9 Jun, 2023  ·  5-minute read

Career preparation is a key part of tertiary study. You need to know that the university you choose will support the development of a clear career path.

At UQ, we have an entire team dedicated to your career development. From the moment you enrol with us, throughout your studies and beyond, we’re committed to supporting you on your career journey.

We know the main reason for attending university is to kickstart your dream career. So, providing you with the knowledge and resources needed to break into your industry of choice and thrive is a key focus in everything we do.

Read on to discover some of the programs and resources you can engage in during your time at UQ, to get you on the right career path, and one step closer to your dream job.

Hands-on experience

UQ provides plenty of opportunities for you to get hands-on industry experience during your undergraduate studies. We have connections with leading organisations not only in Australia, but all over the world.

In the past, our criminology students have undergone industry experience with the Australian Federal Police, our archaeology students have interned at the Queensland Museum, and our tourism students have gained experience at Disney World in Florida.

Here’s just a snapshot of the types of experience you can gain in your industry, during your studies at UQ.

Work integrated learning

Many of our degrees incorporate Work Integrated Learning (WIL) units, which means you get to take what you’ve learnt, and apply it in a workplace situation, all while earning academic credit towards your studies. WIL isn’t just your traditional industry placement, however. It can also include industry projects, work simulations, field experience, entrepreneurship/enterprise and even reflection on current employment.

Find out more about WIL

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You can undertake internships in addition to your coursework. In some cases, you may be able to receive academic credit for internships that are not part of a WIL unit.

Internships are often completed during the summer and winter breaks, which allows you to gain a solid block of experience and means you can find opportunities to intern outside of your local area.

UQ partners with a variety of institutions to offer a range of global, domestic and virtual internships each year for a range of study areas. Whether you’re studying occupational therapy and wish to intern at an NGO in Argentina, or you’re studying IT and want to intern virtually with a startup in the US, we’ve got you covered.

Discover internship opportunities


Volunteering for not-for-profits, charities and with the UQ community looks great on your CV, can be incredibly rewarding, and helps you build your interpersonal and communication skills.

UQ offers a range of volunteering opportunities within the university, and with partner organisations. You may even land a role where you can utilise skills you’ve learnt in your coursework. For example, a veterinary technology student could volunteer as an animal care assistant with the RSPCA, or a communications student could help a charity with their social media.

Explore volunteering


There’s a wealth of mentoring opportunities at UQ. Whether you wish to find a mentor, or be a mentor yourself, the UQ community provides support for study and professional development by encouraging genuine connections.

Many faculties at UQ offer specific career and industry mentoring programs to assist students with the transition from university to the workforce. Gaining advice from a professional working in your industry who has already been there and done that, can be invaluable. Connecting with a mentor can also help you build upon your own professional network and open up even more opportunities. 

Find out more about mentoring

Hear what it’s like to take part in a mentoring program at UQ

Watch What's it like to be a part of UQ's HASS Connect Mentor Program? on YouTube.

Cultivating your entrepreneurial side

At UQ, we’re passionate about encouraging students to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas and succeed in their endeavours. UQ Ventures is a program that connects UQ students, industry partners and high school students to generate innovative solutions to technical, social, economic and environmental challenges.

Ventures gives students the opportunity to pitch and receive funding for their startup ideas. It encourages you to think big, be bold and initiate positive change. Some of our students have been officially recognised on a global stage for their entrepreneurial success before they even graduated!

UQ Ventures runs a bunch of programs and events to connect pioneering students and industry leaders, inspire action and spark innovation.

With Ventures, you could graduate as CEO of your own company.

Find out more about Ventures

Did you know?
According to the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022, UQ produces the most employable graduates out of all the Queensland universities.

Free, self-paced employability course

Want to know how to construct and deliver an elevator pitch? Articulate your unique skills and attributes? Communicate clearly and effectively during the recruitment process? UQ offers a free, self-paced online course that will help you hone your employability and transition seamlessly into the workforce. The course incorporates information and advice from employers, entrepreneurs and graduates, to help you be as prepared as possible for your future career.

Discover EMPLOY101x

Two students sit in the library with a laptop, viewing study materials on a desk

Careers advice

If you’re looking for straight up career advice for university students, the UQ Career Development team can help. They hold a range of events and workshops throughout the year to assist with developing a clear career path throughout your studies, pivot to pursue alternate career paths, or offer guidance.

Explore UQ careers events

Resume, job application and interview assistance

UQ has a suite of practical resources to help you with your career preparation. Get advice and tips on job applications and recruitment processes, including interviews. Download how-to PDFs and checklists, watch videos and read helpful hints. The Career Development team also offers a service where you can submit your job application for review and receive tailored feedback. At UQ, you’ll have access to all the resources you need to perfect your first resumé, ace your interview and land the job.

Final word on career preparation at UQ

At UQ, we’re committed to helping you be the most employable graduate you can be. But even more than that, we’ll give you an edge that will set you apart from other graduates in your field.

Your career aspirations matter, and we’re here to help you find the right path and access the best opportunities and resources that will eventually lead to your dream job.

Want to know more about how UQ will enhance your employability? Visit our dedicated Careers and Employability website.

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