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3 students walk across UQ Great Court

Meet Christina and Juan from Colombia, studying a Master of Business in Australia

Uni life
Published 30 Nov, 2023  ·  6-minute read

Christina Arango and Juan Camilo Gonzalez joined us from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in their home country of Colombia. They were able to complete a Master of Business at UQ thanks to a partnership agreement between the two universities. These are their stories.

Why did you choose to study a Master of Business at UQ?

Christina: My journey into the world of business and marketing has been nothing short of an exciting adventure. It all began at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in my home country, where I initially embarked on a path in economics. However, I soon found myself yearning for something more tangible, something that would allow me to navigate the dynamic world of business with a keen eye on the market.

With determination in my heart, I made the bold decision to switch gears and transition into the realm of business. My passion for marketing led me to pursue a postgraduate program in this field, and that's when a remarkable opportunity presented itself. I learned about the partnership between my university and UQ that would enable me to pursue a Master of Business in just one year.

The chance to expand my knowledge and expertise was too enticing to pass up. What's more, UQ offered a major in advertising, which perfectly complemented my creative skills and aligned with my career aspirations. So, I took the plunge and embarked on this incredible educational journey, bridging continents and cultures to fuel my passion for business, marketing, and advertising.

Christina Arango Escovar

Juan: Following the completion of my postgraduate studies at the University Javeriana in Colombia, I entered the advertising industry. Later, I transitioned to a different company, where I assumed greater responsibilities as a production area coordinator, even though it was in an entirely different industry. It quickly became evident that my role required a deeper knowledge base. Recognising the need to excel in my current position and carve out a more promising professional path, I capitalised on the partnership between Javeriana and UQ to commence my academic journey at UQ.

I held high expectations that this master's program would equip me with the essential tools to effectively meet the demands of my job and enhance my future career prospects. Fortunately, the university not only fulfilled these expectations but also nurtured critical thinking in areas I had previously overlooked, such as the significant issue of greenwashing and the vital role of corporate attention to this matter.

How would you describe the support you’ve received at UQ?

Christina: From the very first day, UQ has embraced me with a warm and inclusive atmosphere, and I owe this wonderful experience to the staff in the International Services team. Throughout my journey, they have been an unwavering source of support, guiding me through processes, services, and providing a comprehensive introduction to the university. Their assistance has been invaluable.

Juan: Upon my arrival in Australia, the first thing I did was visit the Business, Economics and Law faculty to meet my main contact at the university. This connection has proven to be an incredible source of guidance for me throughout this journey. They provided me with invaluable materials and tips needed for my first semester, making my transition into university life much smoother and more enjoyable.

Juan Camilo Gonzalez Chacon

How has UQ helped prepare you for your future career or goals?

Christina: Enrolling in the Master of Business program at UQ not only provided me with a multicultural perspective of the business world but also equipped me with the essential tools to carve out a path toward a successful career. This program has been instrumental in fostering the development and enhancement of my skills, abilities, and attitudes, empowering me for future endeavours.

What truly sets UQ apart is its practical approach, where classroom concepts are directly applied to the Australian business landscape.

"This approach has broadened my perspectives and equipped me with valuable insights for tackling real challenges, offering a transformative and enriching educational experience from a different point of view."

It's been a thrilling ride, and I'm grateful for the experiences and knowledge gained along the way.

Juan: Being a part of UQ has been a remarkably transformative experience. Initially, I had modest expectations, considering UQ's esteemed global ranking, but as I approach the end of my journey, I am thrilled to say that the university has not only met but surpassed my expectations.

UQ's standout faculty, with their rich real-world experience, has made classes engaging and practical, while the excellent infrastructure, including spacious classrooms conducive to collaborative learning, has enhanced the overall educational experience.

"The warmth and accessibility of both professors and the administration team have made my time at UQ feel like a supportive and welcoming family."

Several of the classes I've attended have equipped me with amazing tools and knowledge to prepare for the challenges I'll face upon returning to my home country. However, the most profound insight I've gained is the paramount importance of sustainability and its pivotal role in contemporary business models. This is not a commonplace topic within Colombian companies, and possessing this knowledge will undoubtedly enhance the value of my professional profile.

Undoubtedly, my UQ master's degree has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to excel as a leader in the modern world, and I couldn't be prouder to call myself a UQ graduate.

Juan Camilo Gonzalez

My UQ master's degree has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to excel as a leader in the modern world, and I couldn't be prouder to call myself a UQ graduate.

Juan Camilo Gonzalez
Master of Business

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt or done at UQ?

Christina: One of the most profound lessons I've learned here is the significance of embracing diverse perspectives. It's not always straightforward to understand individuals from different backgrounds and with varying viewpoints, but UQ has taught me the value of open-mindedness and collaboration. What I've found particularly enjoyable during my time at UQ is the opportunity to connect with fellow students through the diverse range of events the university organises. Joining societies and engaging in discussions on topics of shared interest has not only expanded my horizons but has also been a source of great enjoyment.

"UQ has not only provided me with an outstanding education but has also enriched my life through these experiences."

Juan: During my time at UQ, I've had the privilege of learning two remarkable things. Firstly, I had the opportunity to attend the Holi Festival, a celebration of Indian culture. In my home country, we have limited exposure to Indian culture, and being able to immerse myself in this cultural experience has deepened my appreciation for the diversity of cultures and their values.

Secondly, from an academic perspective, I had the privilege of learning about addressing wicked problems firsthand from a CEO of a prominent company. This was an incredible opportunity to gain insights from one of Australia's top CEOs, and it has been a truly invaluable experience.

Do you feel a sense of belonging in the UQ community?

Christina: Being a part of the UQ community has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. Throughout my studies, I've had the privilege of building some remarkable friendships that I'm immensely grateful for. These friends are not just kind and responsible individuals, but they also share the same interests and passions as I do. We've forged a friendship that I genuinely hope will last a lifetime.

Christina Arango

Being a part of the UQ community has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. Throughout my studies, I've had the privilege of building some remarkable friendships that I'm immensely grateful for.

Christina Arango
Master of Business

Juan: The multicultural atmosphere at UQ has made me feel like an integral part of an amazing community. The rich tapestry of social activities and interactions with people from diverse backgrounds has truly enriched my university experience and deepened my appreciation for this unique time in my academic journey.

Why would you recommend UQ to other students?

Juan: I highly recommend UQ for 3 compelling reasons:

  1. Its prestigious rank among the top 50 universities worldwide adds significant value to your degree.
  2. The multicultural environment within classes, with classmates hailing from various corners of the globe, offers a unique opportunity to learn from their diverse perspectives and cultures.
  3. The professors and the campus itself are truly exceptional. The professors bring a wealth of knowledge from various backgrounds, enriching your learning experience, and the campus is nothing short of enchanting, making you feel like you're in a fairytale setting.

Christina: I wholeheartedly recommend UQ to prospective students, and it's not just because of the prestigious credentials you'll earn upon graduation. UQ is, without a doubt, the ideal environment for personal and professional growth. It's an unforgettable journey that enriches your path with an abundance of positive experiences, expanding your horizons and leading you to embrace greater and more diverse perspectives.

In today's world, empathy is a crucial skill, and UQ instils this quality in its students. The university fosters an environment where empathy thrives, ensuring that you leave not only with knowledge but also with a compassionate and open-minded perspective. UQ is the place where your personal and professional journey flourishes, and I can't recommend it enough.

Interested in studying at UQ as an international student? See if your university is one of our exchange partners. Passionate about pursuing a professional career in business? Learn more about our Master of Business.

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