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Study a postgraduate law degree ideal for practitioners

How the UQ LLM helps you specialise and succeed
Study tips
Published 14 Sep, 2023  ·  3-minute read

Discover what makes the courses offered in The University of Queensland Master of Laws (LLM) ideal for practising lawyers looking to specialise in an area of law. 

You already know where you’d like to take your career, and the LLM is one way to get there. But before committing to postgraduate study, you want to know that what you learn will prepare you for the direction you want to take.

We think the UQ LLM offers the best law courses in Australia, setting you up for success in your specialty. Here are 4 reasons why.

1. Designed for practitioners

The UQ Law School has developed a range of practical courses designed to meet your needs as a professional practitioner.

You know the skills you would like to improve to further your career. The UQ LLM offers a range of practitioner-focused courses designed to provide you with practical skills and strategies that you can apply directly to your current and future roles.

Ranging from commercial law to international law, these courses teach the capabilities that are in demand from employers in today’s competitive legal profession.

Some of the top practical law courses scheduled in 2024 include:

  • Advanced Law of Trusts (LAWS7721)
  • Commercial Equity Litigation (LAWS7835)
  • ESG Business and Law (LAWS7725)
  • Mediation and Conflict Management (LAWS7851).
  • Advanced Studies in Contract Law (LAWS7948)
  • Commercial Equity Litigation (LAWS7835)
  • Mediation and Conflict Management (LAWS7851).

Discover the full list of courses on offer in the UQ LLM.

2. Customisable course list

UQ students studying in the Law Library

Postgraduate study is an investment, so you want to make each and every course count.

With the UQ LLM, there’s no such thing as a ‘core’ course, program plan or formal specification. You get to choose each and every course you study to ensure they are applicable to your practice area, interests and career goals. 

Tailor the program your way. You can deepen your knowledge in one particular area of law or upskill in multiple areas by choosing your own general study plan.

The flexibility to tailor your own study plan was one of the things alumnus Brendan Pitman liked most about studying the Master of Laws at UQ.

"The UQ Master of Laws offered me the flexibility to choose subjects that I was interested in, rather than being stuck doing core subjects that had no practical benefit to my career... The custom pathways really mean it is unparalleled."

Find out more about what Brendan believed were the key benefits of UQ's Master of Laws.

3. Taught by leading judges, practitioners and legal academics

To match the quality practical course content, UQ LLM courses are taught by experienced teaching staff and guest presenters who are at the forefront of evolving law practices and developments.

Courses can be presented by a mix of well-known judges, practitioners and/or legal academics who share their expertise through real-life examples.

To name a few, some of our LLM teaching staff include:

Small class sizes ensure you have the opportunity to work closely with teachers and peers in a collaborative learning environment and build your professional network.

4. Flexible in-person and online timetable options

UQ students studying with laptop in the Law Library

As a busy practitioner, you’re juggling many work and life commitments already. So how could you add postgraduate study to the equation?

Many of the courses in the LLM are not only practical in content but also in delivery.

To suit full-time practitioners who are interested in studying part time, practical courses are generally offered as intensives over the weekend or after 5pm to allow for busy weekday work schedules. All courses are delivered both in person and online via Zoom, so you can choose how and where you like to learn. 

The courses offered by the UQ LLM allow lawyers to specialise in areas of interest while balancing existing commitments. Take your career to the next level by applying for the Master of Laws at The University of Queensland.

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