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You're viewing this site as a domestic an international student
Perfect time for postgrad study

Why now is the perfect time to do postgrad study

Study tips
Published 14 Mar, 2024  ·  3-minute read

The world is more accessible than ever. Industries are evolving. And more UQ programs have Commonwealth supported places (CSPs) available. There’s never been a better time to put your student shoes back on and return to uni.

Going back to university is a big decision. It might mean:

  • swapping to part-time work or leaving a job entirely
  • changing your schedule and your family’s routine
  • stepping outside of your comfort zone.

With all that potential chaos, we wouldn't blame you if you’ve been putting it off for a while. But we’d also encourage you to take the plunge now. Here’s why.

More Commonwealth supported places available for domestic students

A Commonwealth supported place (CSP) is a spot at uni that’s subsidised by the government. This subsidy doesn’t cover your entire tuition fee, but the reduction is often significant. Let’s take a look at some examples from programs that offer limited CSPs:

Program Indicative annual fee* Indicative annual fee with CSP* Potential reduction
Master of Physiotherapy



Master of Educational Studies $25,280 $4,930 80%
Master of Engineering Science $33,760 $8,948 73%
Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness $39,840 $10,384 73%
Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice (part-time) $8,440 $2,237 73%

*Fees listed are indicative for 2024 only. Last updated March 2024.

If CSPs are available for your desired program, the savings are quite appealing. And remember that this is a subsidy – not a loan that you’ll have to pay back. We are offering more CSPs than ever before, so it's the perfect time to take advantage of these reduced fees.

You can see a list of all UQ programs that offer CSPs on our postgraduate fees information page.

Industries are evolving more rapidly than ever

An employee in a hard hat and hi-vis vest sits at a desk typing on a computer

Technology is a blessing and a curse for the modern workplace.

While algorithms and computers continue to become more capable, so too must our people – we need the skills and knowledge to use the advanced tools available to us. This truth is relevant in almost every industry, whether we look at business leaders needing to understand analytics and data or engineers needing to be across economic theories.

Postgraduate study provides the perfect framework for learning how to thrive in today’s workplace as well as adapting to tomorrow’s workplace. At UQ, we know you can’t predict the future – but we believe you can prepare for it. Our postgrad programs, combined with all the extracurricular employability activities available to our students, give our graduates the flexibility and confidence to overcome whatever challenges their industry faces.

The world is more accessible

Australia is one of the most isolated countries in the world, yet it's never been easier to travel, work and live abroad.

Postgraduate qualifications can make it easier to secure work overseas. With most nations welcoming Aussie expats, now is a great time to pick up a master’s degree or another postgraduate certification to support an international venture.

Even if you’ve happily put down roots, postgrad study can open a world of career opportunities – literally. Organisations across the globe have adapted to remote working, which has helped business leaders realise they can hire the perfect person for any role, no matter where that person is located.

However, contending for your dream job from afar will never be easy. You’ll almost certainly need a postgraduate degree to get a virtual foot in the door and demonstrate why a hiring manager should consider you alongside their local candidates.

The economy is recovering

We’ve all been hit by tough times in recent years. Depending on your profession, a postgraduate degree could be the key to increasing your job security and your salary, both of which can help you remain comfortable as Australia’s economy wobbles its way back into shape.

Fortunately, things are already getting better and are predicted to continue improving. With a recovering economy comes new job opportunities and more freedom to go after your ideal career. Now is a great time to pursue your postgraduate qualification, as doing so will position you well for those job openings that are a year or two away from emerging.

Ready to start your postgrad journey? Explore the programs available to you at The University of Queensland.

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