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What can you do with a Bachelor of Arts

What majors are in the Bachelor of Arts?

Study tips
Published 21 Oct, 2022  ·  9-minute read

So, you think you might study a Bachelor of Arts, but you’re not sure which major(s) to choose.

One of the best things about this degree is the huge range of topics you can explore. With over 40 Bachelor of Arts majors (and several minors) available, you have plenty of choice.

But this can also make the program a bit intimidating. Each major sounds beneficial and fascinating in its own way, so how can you possibly narrow it down to just one or two options?

Well, we’d suggest starting with our interactive tool to discover which majors align with your passions. Then you can learn more about the majors that piqued your interest below.

Which major should I choose?

One approach is to choose a major that naturally leads to your dream job. But plenty of students have no idea what job they want when they start their university program – and that’s perfectly fine. A Bachelor of Arts gives you the freedom to focus on what interests you personally while you work out what appeals to your professionally.

So, if you don’t already have a career in mind, consider what you’re passionate about and explore the most relevant Bachelor of Arts majors for that passion:

You’ll notice many Bachelor of Arts majors fall under multiple categories. We stan a versatile degree.

Bachelor of Arts majors for connecting with other cultures

From working in a multinational organisation to teaching English abroad, the UQ Bachelor of Arts opens countless careers in which you can connect with other cultures.

"We set our students on the road to success by developing their intercultural communication skills, critical thinking and understanding of self and others." - Dr Angie Knaggs

Discover the benefits of studying a language major

Bachelor of Arts majors for improving society

The world is constantly changing, so why not change it for the better? From anthropology to politics, a UQ Bachelor of Arts can provide the education you need to make a real difference in the world.

"Whether you want to make a difference or make a fortune, International Relations prepares you well to pursue the career of your dreams." - Dr Andrew Phillips

See why our International Relations professors love this major

"A political science major will help you better understand the complex, contested and often ambiguous world in which we live." - Dr Stephen Bell

Discover what makes Political Science such a valuable major

Bachelor of Arts majors for telling stories and engaging audiences

Whether it’s running an international film festival or writing a bestseller, a Bachelor of Arts can equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to share your voice with the world.

"If you want to become a better thinker, writer and storyteller, a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Writing is the degree for you." - Tom Doig

Explore where studying writing at university can take you

Art History UQ Art Museum

Discover where the Art History major could take you

Bachelor of Arts majors for addressing global issues

Current global issues require passionate individuals to lead the charge on finding global solutions. A UQ Bachelor of Arts paves the way to make a living out of addressing issues around the world.

"As our communities become increasingly diverse, religious literacy is increasingly important." - Dr Adam Bowles

See what makes Studies in Religion such an eye-opening major

Bachelor of Arts majors for exploring the past to create a better future

Your passion for learning about the past can lead to a variety of fascinating and fulfilling career pathways with the UQ Bachelor of Arts.

"Studying anthropology will expand your view of what it means to be human. You will learn about different cultures around the world and what makes people different." - Dr Richard Martin

Discover where an Anthropology major can take you

Bachelor of Arts majors for helping people

Whether your passion is around social justice or mental health, a UQ Bachelor of Arts can prepare you for numerous careers that involve helping people.

Ready to kickstart your exciting future in the arts? We can't wait to see what you'll achieve with your UQ Bachelor of Arts major(s). Learn more about the BA.

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